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March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held on Monday 6 March 2017 at the Isca Centre.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

Present: Michael Hamon (Chairman), Terence Treeby (Hon Secretary), Ruth Edmondson (Hon Treasurer), Jean Whitlam, Betty Golding (East), Elizabeth Nunn, Neil Marsden (North), Paul Ainsworth, Andrew Leslie (South), Ann Slee (Tournament Administrator).

Ros Morgan has passed away after a short illness; the committee remembered her contributions to bridge in Devon.

1. Apologies: Geoff Clements (Andrew Leslie deputising), Jean Harrison.

2. Minutes of meeting 26 October 2016. The minutes were accepted and signed as correct.

3. Matters arising other than those dealt with under individual agenda items.

3.1 (Oct 2.1.) The vacancies for Chairman, vice-Chairman and Hon Secretary were announced at the John Woolcott weekend, the Devon Club Teams of 8 and the Devon Pairs final. There have been no expressions of interest. Committee members were asked to actively approach possible candidates. The Hon Secretary circulated a list of non-Secretary jobs which he can continue if required at least until the 2018 AGM but will definitely not be available for the core work or organising and attending meetings after the 2017 AGM.

3.2. (Oct 4.3.) Michael Byrne has been approached with a view to a longer visit in early 2018 to include sessions for club players and possibly a separate visit for advanced players but has not yet replied.

3.3. (Oct 4.5.) In order to change the accounting year to end on 30 April, with the AGM in July and corresponding changes to the Constitution, a detailed proposal for submission to the 2017 AGM was considered and approved. If approved at the AGM, the changes will take place for the year 2017-18.

Motion for AGM, as confirmed at the March 2017 meeting
The current accounting year runs to 31 March 2017 in advance of the AGM in June 2017. The committee propose that the subsequent accounting years will run to 30 April with the AGM in July (ie starting in 2018). In order to achieve this, the committee propose the following necessary changes to the Constitution, to be approved at the 2017 AGM.

4.5 The Membership Year for 2017-18 shall run from 1st April 2017 to 30th April 2018, and subsequent years for the twelve month period from 1st May to 30th April.
4.7 If any Association member has not paid their annual subscription by 30th June then that Association member will not be able to vote at the following AGM as a paid up Association member.
4.8 An Association member ceases to be a paid up Association member on 30th June if at that date the Association member has not paid any outstanding annual subscription. That member can subsequently become a paid up Association member on payment of the current Membership Year’s subscription, but this late payment shall not override clause 4.7 above.
4.10 The Association Pay to Play county component and each of the Association member category’s annual subscription, for the Membership Year starting in the following 1 May, shall be determined by a simple majority of the paid up members at the preceding Annual General Meeting.
4.11 The Association membership categories shall be as follows:
4.11.2 Dual Member-a Player Member of the EBU who does not have their primary allegiance recorded with the Association by 1st May of the Membership Year.
4.13: Any duplicate bridge club may affiliate to the Association and all such clubs shall be affiliated to the EBU. The Association has the right to determine at an Annual General Meeting through a simple majority of its paid up members the annual club affiliation fee to be charged for the twelve month period from the following 1 May.
a) The members of each Section shall at their AGM, which must be held between 1st of May and 30th June each year, elect a Committee to assist in the management of bridge in their area. Each Committee shall comprise a Chairman, and Treasurer plus such additional members as the Officers see fit.
b) General
A copy of the Minutes of all Section Committee meetings must be sent to the Association's Secretary.
The certified annual accounts of the Sections shall be passed to the Association's Treasurer by 31 May. Each Section Treasurer or another representative is required to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
b) Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting shall be held by the 31st of July each year at a venue to be decided by the Central Committee.
The consolidated Section and County Accounts and Balance Sheet shall be made up each year to the 30th of April and shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

4. Treasurer’s Report and Financial Matters

4.1. Three documents circulated 21 Feb showing that the accounts are broadly in line with expectations after 11 months.
4.2. Agree to propose to AGM that P2P etc for Devon for 2018-19 will remain unchanged at 4p, club affiliation nil and secondary membership £3.

5. Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

5.1. A tidying exercise on the membership list had a few people change their allegiance to reflect change of residence and others clarify their allegiance where they live in one county and play in another. The selectors have been informed where relevant.

5.2. (EBU). NGS consultation; New EBU management system March 2017. Plus EBU will be changing their access to the membership details after 17 Mar when their new management system goes live; this will involve a change of password to the Devon area later this month and new arrangements for county scorers.

6. Section Reports

6.1. (North) Filleigh, Dartington Glass and North Devon Congress all well supported.

6.2.(East) League really popular with 26 teams. Possibilities to accommodate more teams are being considered. Heavy promotion of John Woolcott weekend achieved good entry.

6.3. (South) Air Ambulance simultaneous pairs have now raised over £15,000; league has 14 teams; winter pairs slightly down on last year.

6.4. (West) Heart Foundation raised £300; Plymouth Congress showed a surplus; league has 7 teams in 2 divisions

7. Sub-committee Reports

7.1.Tournament Sub-Committee: Ann Slee, Terence Treeby, Treasurer (Ruth Edmondson).
(i) Ruth Edmondson has offered to take over the running of the calendar and has moved all events onto a Google calendar which is now linked to the website calendar and can be linked to members’ calendars.
(ii) (Oct 6.2.). Rules and conditions for all competitions were reviewed for the 2017-18 calendar.
The following changes were approved.
A one-day teams of eight competition which will not take place with fewer than 7 teams. The winning club qualifies to represent Devon in the Garden Cities Trophy. Any team of eight players from the same club may enter. There is no limit on the number of teams from each club. Each entry must be submitted by the club. (change from 2017-18) In addition, EBU rules for their Garden Cities competition will apply.
No alternatives to DAA were suggested so they will continue to benefit for another 3 years; non-affiliated clubs will still be allowed to participate; the EBU levy on players at non-affiliated clubs will continue to be included in the event’s operating expenses. Paul Ainsworth was thanked for his work in running the event.
It was agreed to have one A division match as team of 8 early in the season; to attempt to play teams of 8 for the B and C teams against one county with central selection overseen by Andrew Leslie. This will affect the ongoing rota for section selection. If possible, the South selection for the 14 May match will include a representative to attend the league meeting. In future all Western league expenses will be paid by the Treasurer rather than the sections. This includes 35p per mile per car of 4 for away matches and for out-of-section travel to home matches.
(d) Competition Finances. 2017-18 entry fees for Devon Teams (WMN), Devon Pairs (Julia Chadwick), Devon Club Teams of 8 and AGM teams 2018 will remain unchanged.
Tollemache expenses will remain at £400 for 2017-19.

7.2. Education Sub-Committee: Jean Harrison, Maureen Dalton.
Andrew Robson update circulated showing bookings to be on target.

7.3. Selection Sub-Committee: Warner Solomon, Ruth Edmondson, Alison Pollok, Ann Slee (liaison). Captain’s report on Tollemache circulated.

7.4. Congress Sub-Committee: Marion Kelsey, Terence Treeby, Mike Kelsey, Treasurer (Ruth Edmondson); shadow for 2017 Michael Hamon.
39 tables pairs, 42 ½ teams, 107 residents. £9008 banked or promised of £12000 anticipated. Any shortfall will be compensated by adjusting prize money. We still need an organiser for 2018 (or 2019) and beyond.

7.5. EBU Shareholders: Terence Treeby, Dick Andrews, Michael Hamon.
Terence Treeby attended the EBU AGM in November. Award winner Andrew Petrie extended thanks to all volunteers from club up to board level. Robin Barker was re-elected unopposed onto the Laws and Ethics Committee; Gillian Fawcett continues on the Selection Committee. The elected Tournament Committee was discontinued in favour if an advisory panel to be named shortly. The next Shareholders meeting is on 11 May; the next AGM on 22 Nov. There will be a County Chairman meeting on 5 July.

7.6. Technology sub-committee: Paul Ainsworth, Ruth Edmondson.
The Treasurer asked for a list of equipment. North section plan a starter’s course for bridgemate use.

7.7. EBU Counties Working Group: vacant.

7.8. Conduct Sub-Committee: Steve Quinn, Maureen Baser, George Simnett, Keith Ponsford, David Clarke. No report

8.9. Disciplinary Sub-Committee: Michael Hamon, Howard Kent-Webster, Robin Barker, Paul Ainsworth, Ann Slee. No report

9. Any Other Business. None

10. Next meetings

10.1. The next meeting will be at the Isca Centre at 6.30 pm on Tuesday 23 May. Committee members and sub-committees are asked to send documents for circulation to the Hon Sec by 6 May at the latest.