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July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held on Tuesday 13 July 2017 at the Isca Centre.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

Present: (Chairman), Geoff Clements, (Retiring Hon Secretary) Terence Treeby, (North) Elizabeth Nunn,(East) Jean Harrison, Jonathon Jenkins, (South) Andrew Leslie, (Tournament Administrator) Ann Slee

1. Apologies: (Hon Treasurer) Ruth Edmondson, (North) Neil Marsden, West (Mike Hamon).

2. Minutes of meeting 23 May 2017. The minutes were accepted and signed as correct.

3. Matters arising other than those dealt with under individual agenda items. None

4. Matters Arising from AGM held 18 June 2017

4.1. It was agreed that the P2P rate from April 2018 will remain unchanged at 4p; the club subscription will remain at zero and the Devon part of direct membership remains at £3.

4.2 It was agreed that the DBA Constitution (mostly the Membership clause) be changed so that the accounting year runs to 30 April in future (Previously accounting years ran to 31 March). This is to enable the income and expenditure of the Devon Congress to be within one financial year rather than spread over two years.

4.3 Section accounts are available prior to the AGM. If a member wishes to raise a query at an AGM concerning a Section Account, they should advise the Committee prior to the AGM to enable a detailed response to be given. (Separate requirements apply if a motion is to be put).

5. Composition of Committee and Sub-committees 2017-8

5.1.Committee. Hon. Secretary – vacant. Andrew Leslie volunteered to take these minutes. Vice Chairman – vacant. Tournament Secretary (co-opted to main committee) – Ann Slee, retiring 2018. Vacancies also on South and West Sections.

5.2. Technology sub-committee:
Ruth Edmondson. It was suggested that there was no need for this sub-committee if the various County resources and their holders were identified.

5.3. EBU Counties Working Group:
None. Low on current list of priorities.

5.4. Tournament Sub-Committee:
Ann Slee, Terence Treeby, (Treasurer) Ruth Edmondson.

5.5 Education Sub-Committee:
Jean Harrison, Maureen Dalton.

5.6. Selection Sub-Committee:
Warner Solomon, Alison Pollok (retiring 2018), Stefan Lindfors, Ann Slee (liaison). 

5.7. Congress Sub-Committee:
Marion Kelsey, Mike Kelsey, Treasurer – vacant, Congress Organiser Terence Treeby (retiring 2018). Vacancies, especially for a “shadow” Congress Organiser

5.8. EBU Shareholders:
Terence Treeby, Dick Andrews, Michael Hamon.

5.9. Conduct Sub-Committee:
Steve Quinn, Maureen Baser, Keith Ponsford, David Clarke. Vacancies

5.10. Disciplinary Sub-Committee:
Michael Hamon, Ann Slee. Geoff Clements, Terence Treeby

5.11 Other related Organisational matters
◊ Following a consultation, no changes to the Terms of Reference for the sub-committees need be made
◊ Membership Secretary – Terence Treeby offered to continue this function as it only entails issuing the notifications for the AGM in June
◊ EBU magazine contributor – probably not needed as the EBU is discontinuing the county section in its magazine. However it is essential that our website be kept alive and up-to-date. Please will clubs and individuals make sure that our website organiser (Ruth Edmondson) is given information of interest. This arrangement will be kept under review.
◊ County Equipment – Terence Treeby is to provide DBA with list of trophies.

6. Treasurer’s Report and Financial Matters

6.1. report submitted.

6.2 Application from Newton Abbot Bridge club for financial assistance towards the purchase of a dealing machine, model Play Bridge Dealer 4+, costing £3480. It was agreed that assistance be given in accordance with DBA policy of one third of the cost of the dealing machine. i.e. £1160 provided Newton Abbot Bridge Club do some dealing for County, details to be agreed from time to time with Terence Treeby. The operator would be paid. Chairman to write to the club. Cost of boards not eligible for subsidy.

6.3 As a consequence of the above: County could now limit the use of its old machine (purchased in 2011). Terence will be making a detailed analysis of its future. County will still need to store boards..

7. Secretary’s Report and Correspondence None

8. Section Reports

8.1. North Report submitted at meeting. Graphic Cup cancelled due to lack of interest.
Section programme for 2017/8 finalised.
Request for TD refresher training in the New Rules and Laws coming into effect in August. Chairman to investigate possibilities.
Two clubs looking into purchasing Bridgemates. Applications for assistance (excluding computer) to be made to County Treasurer. The Section is to hold a starter’s course for bridgemate users.

8.2. East Preparations for East League in hand

8.3. South None

8.4. West none.
Since the meeting it was been pointed out that some members did not receive the West reports. They will now be circulated.

9. Sub-committee Reports

Western League programme issued, with latest Regulations. One match vs. Somerset 21 April 2018 agreed to be teams of 8 for “B” and “C” teams. Andrew Leslie coordinating. Each Section to supply a pair for both B & C.
Calendar Isca dates agreed and booked: Sun 28 Jan 2018 Devon Club Teams of 8; Sun 18 Feb Julia Chadwick Final; Sun 15 July AGM. Deferred: AGM format, Graphic Cup future

9.2. Education
Importance of tuition re-affirmed. Website listing to be updated. Discussions continuing with Byrne and possible other tutors. Target date for seminars October 2018.

9.3. Selection
No report.

9.4. Congress
Major change: the Palace Hotel is suddenly closing. The Congress Organiser has negotiated for the Toorak Hotel to take it on. The committee approved the move to the Toorak. In particular:
◊ The terms negotiated with the Toorak be accepted (largely the same as for the Palace).
◊ Entry fees for the Sat & Sun be slightly increased to cover the cost of teas/coffees which the Toorak are charging separately.
◊ Prize money to be the same in principle as originally proposed
◊ Printing of brochures based on the new information to be done. 500 for £145
◊ The Toorak be asked to host the 2019 Congress on April 5-7, the previously agreed date of a week later being already booked up for the Toorak.

Terence Treeby was thanked for his speedy response to the challenge posed by the Palace’s sudden closure.

9.5. EBU Shareholders: .
The Chairman attended the County Chairman’s meeting on 5 July.

9.6. Technology: No report

9.7. EBU Counties Working Group: No report

9.8. Conduct: No report

9.9. Disciplinary Sub-Committee: No report

10. Any Other Business. None

11. Next meeting Tuesday 26 September at the ISCA centre at 6.30 p.m.