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September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held on Tuesday 26 September 2017 at the Isca Centre.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

1. Date of Meeting: 26 September 2017

2. Present: (Chair) G. Clements, (Treasurer) R.Edmondson, (Tournament Secretary) A.Slee, (North) E. Nunn, N. Marsden, (East) J Harrison, (South) A.Leslie

3. Apologies: (East) J. Jenkins, (West) M.Hamon

4. Minutes of meeting 13 July 2017. The minutes were accepted and signed as correct.

5. Matters arising. None

6. DBA Organisation

6.1.No progress on filling vacancies. In the absence of a Secretary, A. Leslie took the minutes.

6.2 All reports for meetings, discussion documents and minutes are now kept in a Google Drive accessible to all Committee members. At a meeting they are taken as read. Those deposited prior to this meeting are listed below. These minutes only record any discussions arising.

6.3 The previous Secretary Terence Treeby has been awarded the Dimmie Fleming award in recognition for his hard work and service to bridge administration in Devon after the DBA made due application

7. Treasurer’s Report

7.1. Problems with the West Section banking arrangements seem to have been resolved.

7.2 Players in Western League matches are reminded to claim travel expenses direct from the County Treasurer

8. Section Reports

8.1. NorthThe DBA has a policy of supporting the use of the bridgemate scoring system in Devon so that the County has a uniform system and equipment can be exchanged between Sections and clubs, especially for any large event. This is particularly relevant when EBU Directors and Scorers are hired to run a County event. Any equipment they bring is Bridgemate based. This in no way means any other system is superior or inferior Whilst County wishes to assist clubs to promote and advance bridge, in this instance it is unable to fund the alternative scoring system proposed by two Northern clubs.

8.2. East None

8.3. South League has started. Winter Pairs starts next week

8.4. West none

9. Congress and Tournaments

9.1. Devon Congress – difficulties arising from the sudden closure of the Palace seem to have been overcome for the next two years. However an organiser for the future is still sought

9.2 Only 9 teams have entered the WMN k.o. teams event so far. No entries from Northern clubs

9.3 Western League Sections notified of their need to raise teams as per the rota

10. Education

10.1 It was agreed that the Director for the training seminar on the latest rule changes be re-imbursed for expenses involved in preparing course material. Any remaining surplus from the event to go towards expenses incurred by the tutor network.

10.2 Fast track options are to be explored, plus need for graduates to attend suitable regular duplicate sessions.

10.3 (EBED) Work continues to establish a strategy for developing bridge in the region

11. Other

11.1. The Tournament Committee has produced a summary of the Equipment and Trophies held in various locations. It was agreed that views be sought as to how to store and maintain or dispose of such materials in the future with the results presented at the next AGM.

11.2 A general view was expressed that in these times of change in the bridge world, County should endeavour to offer direct support to clubs. A general policy and strategy would be required.

12. Next meeting Wednesday 14 March at the ISCA centre at 6.30 p.m.