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March 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held on Wednesday 14 March 2018 at the Isca Centre.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

1. Date of Meeting: 14 March 2018

2. Present: (Chair) G. Clements, (Treasurer) R.Edmondson, (Tournament Secretary) A.Slee, (North) E. Nunn, N. Marsden, (East) J Harrison, J Jenkins, (South) A.Leslie

3. Apologies: (West) M.Hamon

4. Previous Minutes, Matters Arising

4.1 The minutes of the meeting held 26 Sept 2017 were accepted and signed as correct.

4.2 The alternative scoring system for which funding was requested by two Northern clubs has now been financed by private donation.

5. DBA Organisation

5.1 Still no progress on filling vacancies. The two most urgent are for a DBA Secretary and for a Congress Organiser.

5.2 In the absence of a Secretary, A. Leslie agreed to take the minutes.

5.3 The use of Google Drive for storing reports for meetings, discussion documents and minutes has considerably simplified DBA business and members are gradually getting familiar with the system.

6. The Treasurer

6.1 For his work on behalf of the County, it was agreed to reward Don Pearson with free entry to the Pairs competition at the forthcoming Devon Congress.

6.2 Following the re-location of Exeter Bridge club, the County help their first event at the Gypsy Hill Hotel with a well-attended Julia Chadwick final.

6.3 The Treasurer has updated the county calendar

7. Section Matters

7.1 North.The recent N. Devon Congress was a huge success and the organisers are to be congratulated. An average of 13 tables take part in the Swiss Pairs held in the four EBU clubs in the area.

7.2. East. Venue for next season’s East League to be agreed

7.3. South. No report

7.4. West. No report

8. Congress and Tournaments

8.1 Devon Congress – entries coming in well and may reach capacity

8.2 Western League Teams of 8 for match vs Somerset on 21 April. The ”B” team is complete. The two sections who have yet to select their players for the “C” Team have been given one more week.

8.3 The Western League part of the Tournament Secretary’s duties: Andrew Leslie has indicated he is prepared to undertake that role in the short term with Ann Slee continuing to take entries to events.

8.4 The Graphic Cup appears to be an event not in demand

8.5 The South Section holds no events of its own apart from a League due to there being many local club, DBA and EBU events in the area, It runs the Winter pairs on behalf of County.

9. Consultation Document 1

9.1 There was unanimous agreement that County now needs to change its priorities. It has sufficient equipment to run major events (either of its own or has access to). Therefore any surplus funds should be allocated to further the cause of bridge in Devon. In particular County will broadly give support in two main areas : Education and Direct Assistance to Clubs

9.2 Education : the Education Committee is very active and has made proposals (see below)

9.3 Assisting clubs: this generated considerable discussion, both as to the criteria to guide clubs and the DBA in any applications for funding and the methods of applying and considering applications. It was agreed that a sub-committee (J.Jenkins, J Harrison) produce proposals before the next meeting. (Consultation with the Treasurer as appropriate).

9.4 World Youth Championship: two Devon youths have been selected. To show County’s appreciation it was agreed to give them £400 sponsorship and to wish them an enjoyable and successful experience.

9.5 Fort Stamford – it was agreed to support their application to enable teaching to continue with a donation of £150 (50%)

9.6 Advanced Directors course – it was agreed to sponsor J.Child’s application

10.Consultation Document 2

10.1 This related to the financial arrangements within the County. Again there was considerable discussion of the Chairman’s proposals. No agreement was reached.

11.Data Protection

11.1 EBU guidance on the Act due to come into force 28 May followed

12. Education

12.1 It was agreed to subsidise a seminar tour by Laura Porro in March 2019 along the lines of previous tours. Education Committee to develop the proposal. Laura Porro is a professional bridge player and EBU teacher

12.2 The Education Committee is also encouraged to make further proposals which will enhance bridge in Devon

13. Date of Next meeting Monday 21 May 6.30 at Gypsy Hill Hotel