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May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held on Wednesday 21 May 2018 at the Isca Centre.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

1. Date of Meeting: 21 May 2018

2. Present: (Chair) G. Clements, (Treasurer) R.Edmondson, (Tournament Secretary) A.Slee, (North) E. Nunn, N. Marsden, (South) A.Leslie

3. Apologies: (East) J. Harrison, (West) M.Hamon

4. Previous Minutes, Matters Arising

4.1 The minutes of the meeting held 14 March were accepted and signed as correct.

5. DBA Organisation

5.1 Still no progress on filling vacancies. The two most urgent are for a DBA Secretary and for a Devon Congress organiser for 2019.

5.2 In the absence of a Secretary, A..Leslie agreed to take the minutes.

5.3 A. Leslie advised the Committee that after 25 years being involved with running bridge at club, Section and County level he is retiring. His only duty will his Western League role.

6. The Treasurer

6.1 The Treasurer was thanked for her work in producing the annual accounts which covered 13 months as a result of the change in accounting year and for the financial analysis of County events. They show outcomes to be in line with expectation.

6.2 Accounts have been received from the North only so far

6.3 A very appreciative letter has been received from Fort Stamford for the donation (ref. Item 9.5 of previous minutes)

6.4 The EBU has thanked the committee for its contribution towards the World Youth Championships (ref. Item from 9.4)

7. Section Matters

7.1 North. AGM held and the minutes and accounts are available.

7.2. East. No report

7.3. South. AGM to be held on Weds. Interim report made

7.4. West. No report

8. Congress and Tournaments

8.1 Devon Congress. An otherwise successful congress was marred by an outbreak of Norovirus. It has been established with a fair degree of certainty that the virus was brought into the event by a competitor who was ill on the Sunday. All attenders to the Congress have been advised of the outbreak. Extensive discussions were held and are continuing with the hotel , the EBU, other authorities and players.

8.2 The Congress organiser and DBA officers are assessing the likely impact of the incident upon the 2019 Congress and related matters such as Insurance. For 2019 there is an agreement with the Toorak hotel which is due to be ratified shortly.

8.3 Western League. Programme completed. Congratulations to the “A” team who won the Western League this year. They will go on to represent the Western League in the league final on June 24th at the Coventry and North Warwickshire Bridge Club.

8.4 The match vs Somerset had for the first time teams of 8 for “B” and “C”. For next year, the Committee recommend that :

  • A Captain be nominated not only the “A” team but also the “B” and “C” teams, to represent their team and Devon in any matters relating to the event
  • If agreement can be made, two matches be for teams of 8 for the “B” and “C teams.

8.5 The programme for 2018-9 has been agreed with the County selection schedule applying where appropriate. As in previous years, the “A” team vs Avon will be for teams of 8 in preparation for the Tollemach competition

8.6 Discussions are taking place to find a replacement for A. Pollock as an “A” team selector who is retiring.

8.7 Devon Air Ambulance. An extract from the report: Total raised about same as last year’s record £3k, support remains high. 32 clubs, with extra donations contributed a very significant amount of the total. To date since 2009, the DBA has raised over £19k from this event. Paul Ainsworth thanked for his continuing great work.

9. Education

9.1 Education sub-committee is thanked for their continuing work and reports. Promising developments.

10. Developing the DBA

(this item continues the discussions generated by Consultation Documents One and Two of the last meeting, unless covered above).

10.1 Assisting clubs. No proposals have been received from a sub-committee set up at the last meeting.

10.2 It is evident that much needs to be done by the DBA to increase awareness by players and clubs of the work and role of the DBA. The Chair is pursuing this.

10.3 In principle, the committee unanimously agreed the following proposal subject to ratification at the first committee meeting after the AGM:
“that each Section should be allowed to spend up to half of the “surplus” funds they have available, having taken into account routine commitments, without reference to the main DBA Committee, for the benefit and advancement of bridge in Devon; the DBA reserve the right to access Section finances in extraordinary circumstances”

10.4 Explanatory additional notes relating to the above proposal:

  • “surplus” is to be regarded as moneys held above normal prudent budgeting, bearing in mind the need to finance events before income is received and the need to cater for contingencies for instance.
  • Any Section proposing to spend more than half of its available “surplus” would need to refer the proposal to the DBA committee beforehand.
  • In considering proposals the Section has to observe DBA objectives and priorities and should consult the DBA committee beforehand if in any doubt.
  • The DBA would expect any significant expenditure to be referred to in the Section’s budget proposals.

11. Date of Next meeting Date and Venue to be agreed