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September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held Devon Hotel on the 3 Sep 2018.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

1. Present: (Chair) G. Clements, (Tournament Secretary) A.Slee, (North) E. Nunn, N. Marsden, (South)

2. Apologies: (East) J. Harrison, J Barnes, (Treasurer) R.Edmondson,

3. Previous Minutes, Matters Arising

3.1 The minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed as correct.

3.2 No matters arising.

3.3 The Chairman stated that he had promised to look into a matter concerning the minutes of the AGM in 2017, that had arisen at the last AGM. However there has been no communication, and the committee felt that the matter be dropped.

4.Treasurer's Report. Treasurer was absent.

5. Section Reports

5.1 North. Money had been given to purchase a computer as two clubs were using the same one with all the inconvenience that that involved.

5.2. East. No report

5.3. South. Nothing over the summer months but the Winter Pairs at Newton Abbott was ready. Mike Hamon had the league at Torquay in hand.

5.4. West. No report

6. Congress Report

6.1 Matters for the next congress were in hand. The brochures and posters were ready to be sent out.
It was felt that for 2020 the Toorak Hotel was best and it was thought that they would be pleased to hold it again in 2020. Other hotels were suggested though it was agreed that there was little suitable outside of Torquay. The Chairman agreed to look into the possibility of using to the Livermead Hotel. The Imperial Hotel had very poor parking and the Grand Hotel was still in financial difficulties but that too had poor parking.

7. Tournament Report

7.1 It was stated that very few teams have so far entered the Western Morning News knockout competition.

8. Sponsorship

8.1 It was decided to help finance a Director at Ottery St Mary.
As regards the future no decisions could be made with the Treasurer absent.

9. Education. The Education Secretary was absent.

10. AOB. There was no other business.

11. Date of Next meeting Date and Venue to be agreed.